Get Your Property Ready For the Holidays with Pressure Washing

Have the nesting birds, bird droppings, graffiti, and other eye sores or environmental hazards marred the appearance of your investment property? It doesn’t take much for your commercial building or areas around it to look drab or unkempt, keeping potential customers away. That is why we recommend pressure washing services to keep your investment looking pristine year round. Now you can get your property ready for the holidays with pressure washing services by KM Facility Services of Arizona!

Pressure Washing Is More Affordable Than Repaint or Other Applications!

Many savvy business owners still miss the mark when it comes to keeping their investment looking flawless. When environmental hazards cause their property to look drab or when vandalism with graffiti hits, they can think of nothing to do but to call a painter. Pressure washing removes all of these environmental hazards and concerns, restoring your property to its original appeal for a fraction of the costs offered by other services. In fact, many business owners have KM Facility Services of Arizona provide routine cleanings of their premises ensuring that they always look clean and inviting!

Pressure Washing Does More Than Clean Walls!

If your building is looking like it needs a re-haul, most likely the sidewalks, parking areas and more have seen better days, as well! We specializes in the pressure cleaning of building exteriors, awnings, parking garages, stairwells, dumpster areas, retail and commercial centers, storefronts, graffiti removal, bank drive- thru’ s, fast food drive- thru’ s, concrete sidewalks, walkways, parking areas and more. Any place where dirt, grime, gum, coffee, grease or other environmental hazards lurk or hide, we offer cleanup services that keep your business appearing pristine and without breaking the bank!

Get our Storefront Or Complex Looking Great For The Holidays!

Call KM Facility Services of Arizona for all of your pressure washing needs today! We offer free quotes, so make an appointment now by calling (623) 930-5490, and we can ensure your business or investment will be ready for the holiday season! We service Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix areas.