Arizona Pressure Washing Services Just In Time for School Opening!

School bells are getting ready to ring, and with all the preparations needed to make this next school year a success, don’t forget to clean up the sidewalks, buildings and outside recreation areas prior to the first day! Pressure washing is an excellent way to renew, restore and revive dull, dirty school yards in no time. Railing, steps, sidewalks, buildings, play equipment and more can be refreshed and ready for your students and employees upon return. KM Facility Services of Arizona is offering pressure washing services just in time for school opening!

Pressure Washing Services Save Money and Increase Morale

When school starts, the last thing that you want to be concerned about is how your facility appears to parents, teachers and students. During the summer, it is very possible that some of your outdoor areas such as parking lots, sidewalks, walkways and even your buildings have encountered damage due to bird droppings, air pollution or graffiti. We can handle any kind of dirt or grime and help you keep your facility looking inviting and clean, ready for your students. A dirty, run down facility often reflects a lower standard of care, and in the process, students and teachers alone find that the morale is suffering due to aesthetics.

Cleaning up your facility outdoors is an easy fix for the KM Facility Services professionals of Arizona. There is no need to hire a team of painters and restoration experts. The KM team has been working for years keeping the entire state looking pristine. You most likely have seen some our work on city bridges, overpasses, statues, drive-thru’ s, dumpster areas, stairwells, fencing, parkways, parks, transportation stations, hospitals, banks, colleges and more! Smart consumers including schools and business owners have taken advantage of the savings and the remarkable difference offered to their facilities and parks with professional pressure washing services!

Start preparing for the upcoming school opening now by calling KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490 today for pressure washing services and a free quote! We provide pressure washing services throughout Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix communities.