Pressure Washing Services Preserve Your Investment From Being Ruined By Nesters

Many commercial properties have become the prime nesting place for birds, squirrels and other varmints that tend to migrate to available space on rooftops and gutters. Along with the nesters comes bird droppings that can literally eat away at the construction of your building or facade. Damage is all the more noticeable if your sidewalks and stairwells are covered in bird droppings. That is why at KM Facility Services of AZ,  we provide pressure washing services that preserve your investment from being ruined by nesters and other critters that can affect the appearance of your commercial property.

As a business owner, it is important to be careful about the very things that make your property value decrease, as well as, make it unhealthy for your customers and employees. There is a lung disease called Bird Fancier’s Lung that is common around people who are exposed to pigeon droppings on a regular basis. Mainly people who work with all kinds of birds and own them are more susceptible, however, if pigeon droppings are left unattended too, especially in commercial sites, anyone is at risks.

Bird Droppings Ruin More Than Your Company Image

As a business owner, bird droppings can cause a negative affect on your business, as customers will start seeking for a cleaner environment to do their shopping or business. The truth is that bird droppings cost business owners and consumers big bucks annually. Pesty birds can damage buildings, machinery, roofs, automobiles, ventilation systems and more. The damage they can do is unconceivable, and the expense to repair the damage can run into thousands or millions of dollars.

KM Facility Removes Bird Droppings, Nests and More with Power Washing Services

If your commercial property has seen better days, especially after the nesting habits of birds during the spring, we an help. We provide GREEN solutions that will enhance the appearance of your commercial building and bring it back to looking nearly new. We also provide pressure washing services to grease shops, drive-thrus, banks, hospitals and just about any place that needs a fresh appearance. For a free quote, call KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490. We provide businesses with pressure washing services throughout Arizona, including the Phoenix and Tucson metropolises.