We Guarantee That Your HVAC System is Running at Optimal Levels!

We agree with the U.S. Department of Energy when they state that a dirty HVAC system, particularly coils and filters, can cause an increase in energy use and utility bills. One way to minimize your expenses is to call a reputable company like KM Facility Services of Arizona for regular HVAC system cleanings and maintenance. With several years of experience and professional HVAC cleaning services, we guaranteed that your HVAC system is running at optimal levels!

The Advantages of an HVAC System Cleaning

The advantages of an annual HVAC system cleaning with KM Facility Services isn’t only felt in diminished expenses for energy. The entire complex remains cleaner and healthier when air ducts, coils, and filters are maintained. Without regular HVAC cleanings, dust, and outdoor pollutants enter the indoor air stream causing illness, allergic reactions, and eventually health concerns.  A contaminated HVAC system is a sanctuary for microbial growth, which adds to respiratory ailments for those working inside.

KM Facility is NADCA Certified

KM Facility Services is NADCA certified. What does this mean for you? This means that our professionals begin each operation with a visual assessment of the HVAC system. We’ll make decisions on what should be cleaned, check for corrosion of key elements in your system and accumulate data that can be utilized in approaching the project as needed. At the same time, we will make a professional decision on what is the best way to clean your system since all HVAC systems are not alike.

What Dangers Lurk Behind a Dirty HVAC System?

As mentioned before, microbes spread quickly in a dirty HVAC system. Clogged coils and dirty filters all lend to poor output from the fresh air supply. If ignored, an eventual breakdown of your HVAC system will happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when you will need replacement parts. A professional HVAC system cleaning prevents these issues from occurring and ensures a peace of mind for all involved.

If you need a HVAC system cleaning or checkup, call KM Facility Services of Arizona today at (623) 203-5090. We will be happy to provide you a free estimate. We help customers throughout Arizona including, the Phoenix, Tucson AZ, areas.