Prevent Breakdowns With HVAC System Cleaning!

KM Facility Services of Arizona experiences an influx of calls from HVAC owners during this time of the year. Mainly, the issue is because investors have neglected the much needed routine maintenance on their HVAC that allows for it to run year-round without the worry of failure. We ensure our work as licensed professionals and recommend to our customers that they can prevent breakdowns with HVAC system cleaning services.

The Heat Is On!

In the middle of summer, most businesses are focused highly on sales, storefront appearances, and other items of business until they notice they are having an issue with their air conditioning. That is when they call the professionals in like KM Facility Services. When the heat is on, your HVAC system is working overtime, helping you keep your cool and stopping you and your employees from being distracted by downtime due to a HVAC breakdown. Frankly, who can afford a lengthy breakdown that demands servicing and parts replacements? All of this can be avoided with a simple HVAC cleaning protocol by a licensed company like KM Facility Services of Arizona.

We Offer Guaranteed HVAC Cleaning Services

Unlike fly by the night technicians, we believe in developing an ongoing relationship with our customers. We are not into providing a one-shot needed service that will implement more HVAC failure down the road. We provide top-notch HVAC cleaning services that our customers have grown to trust and rely upon to fit their needs. HVAC systems generally need a thorough cleaning every two years to maintain healthy air quality and a reliable air output without failure.  Regular HVAC cleanings keep your business protected from HVAC failure. Dirt, dust and other buildup found inside your HVAC leave behind a potential danger for breakdown and costly expenses! All of this can be avoided easily with routine HVAC system cleanings provided by licensed professionals who understand the importance of protecting your investment!

Affordable HVA System Cleaning of Arizona

Who are you going to trust with your HVAC system when the heat is on? KM Facility Services provides the most affordable HVAC system cleaning in all of Arizona. Call us for a free quote at (623) 930-5490. We service all of Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.

HVAC Fiberglass Duct Board

HVAC Fiberglass Duct Board Before


HVAC Fiberglass Duct Board After


Supply duct work cleaning process: HEPA vacuum with a horse brush all four walls cleaned to remove buildup of dirt.

Supply Duct in Machine Shop

Supply Duct in Machine Shop Before


Supply Duct in Machine Shop After


Grill removed washed with mild soap to remove oily residue on grill and wall.