Maintaining Your Evaporative Cooler is Necessary in AZ

If you own an evaporative cooler, then you also know that keeping it clean from debris, mold, mildew, pollen, buildup and other contaminants is vital to fresh air quality. Maintaining your evaporative cooler is necessary in AZ. Arizona is one of the leading states in the United States where evaporative coolers are in high use. Along with that fact, it is not uncommon to find these units ignored or poorly maintained for efficiency.

Evaporative coolers were originally designed for dryer climates because they provide not only cool inside air, but a form of humidity to extra dry desert like conditions. In addition, they are an excellent way to reduce energy costs, if they are maintained on a regular basis.

Wicking Can Cause Deterioration

KM Facility Services knows the value of maintaining your evaporative cooler, and can help you protect your investment. If you are experiencing water droplets entering your workplace or home environment through the evaporative cooler, then you most likely need the cooler pad checked or even replaced. Wicking is a process where water is actually sucked through the airflow and then comes in contact with the units fan structure. This can lead to rust and corrosion issues inside your unit. We can reseal your unit to prevent further deterioration by using a product such as PanCrete or V570 on your evaporative cooler.

Clogged Units Can Cause an Array of Health Issues

Not only does a clogged evaporative cooler work insufficiently, it also can cause health issues for those breathing the contaminated air, especially if they have weaker immune systems. Allergies and asthma suffers are more prone to respiratory infections due to the mildew and mold and other contaminates that foster inside a unit that has not been maintained properly.

Now that you know that maintaining your evaporative cooler is necessary in AZ, KM Facility can assist you in doing just that. You can contact KM Facility Services for a quote at (623)930-5490. We service businesses within Arizona including Phoenix and Tucson areas.