Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Adds Years to the Life of Your Investment

KM Facility Services of Arizona has helped customers throughout the area save money and substantial repair expenses on their evaporative coolers, simply by providing regular maintenance checkups. Owners of evaporative coolers understand the money being saved and the ripple effect realized from reducing energy costs. However, many still are not aware that evaporative cooler maintenance adds years to the life of their investment.

Increase The Value and Efficiency of Your Evaporative Cooler

Poor upkeep of your evaporative cooler can cause a plethora of issues. For one, when an evaporative cooler goes unchecked, it becomes the standard breeding ground for mold, mildew and other microbes to grow resulting in damage and contaminating the indoor air quality. We help you maintain the value and efficiency of your evaporative cooler by providing services that most service companies refuse to do. We clean the cooler pad, and if needed, we change it. Just these tasks alone can increase proper evaporation and prevent wicking (a process that allows water to be drawn into the airflow).  If wicking takes place, it can lead to the corrosion of your unit and makes for costly repairs. We also take the time to clean the pan, and if deterioration is detected, we use quality products to reseal and prevent further corrosion. If needed, we will sandblast the pan and remove all signs of scale build up. Scale buildup is caused by lack of maintenance, so at KM Facility Services of Arizona, we can help you protect your investment and keep it working for years by simply servicing your evaporative cooler regularly.

Clogged Pads Are Filled With Dust, Pollens and Allergens

If you have neglected your evaporative cooler pads, you might be experiencing cold symptoms or allergy problems indoors. Clogged pads lead to a multitude of allergens that quickly get released into the air supply. We can help! Contact KM Facility Services of AZ at (623) 930-5490 for a free quote. We provide evaporative cooler services in Tucson, Phoenix and all of Arizona.