Have You Left Your Evaporative Cooler Out In the Cold?

Business owners often neglect or simply forget to replace the media pads in their evaporative coolers. It is easy to do, as the cooler is not something that anyone thinks too much about until things go awry. Clogs and buildup in your media pad can cause bigger problems for your evaporative cooling system than you can imagine. Have you left your evaporative cooler out in the cold? KM Facility Services of Arizona provides Rigid Media pads for all sizes of evaporative coolers, as well as routine filter or pad changing services so that our customers never have to fret as to whether their system is going to breakdown.

Rigid Media Pads Receive Top Performance Rating!

Rigid Media Pads have the reputation that consumers trust! Our Rigid Media pads are constructed with virgin quality kraft paper that is heavier than leading brands, and also contain a higher resin content, allowing for more efficient cooling. All of that coupled with the durability and strength, as well as longevity that Rigid offers make Rigid Media consumer’s first-choice media pad for all of their evaporative cooler needs!

How Do Evaporative Cooling Pads Work?

The crucial part in achieving high performance from your evaporative cooling system relies mainly on the ability of your cooling pad to maximize the air movement when it comes in contact with the cooling pad surface. Rigid Media pads offer the highest amount of interaction between air and water, meaning that your facility will remain cooler for longer periods of time. The heat exchange occurs as the hot air moves over the layered, fluted surface of the wet pad, causing the water to then evaporate while removing all the heat from the air.

If your evaporative cooler is under performing, it could mean that your media pad is clogged or experiencing buildup that can lead to breakdown. It also can mean an increase in your energy bill. KM Facility Services provides evaporative cooler pads by Rigid Media, ensuring that our customers are experiencing the optimal air flow and cleanest, purest, and coolest air possible from their cooling system. We provide the highest quality of Rigid Media pads and routine cooling system services to ensure that your business never experiences downtime.

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