We Provide NFPA Compliance Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

Whether you are in need of a routine assessment, hood cleaning, or an entire kitchen exhaust cleaning, KM Facility Services of Arizona provides professional trained staff that offer compliance cleaning that ensures the safety of your employees and your investment! We provide NFPA compliance kitchen exhaust cleaning services throughout Arizona.

We Offer Roof-Top to Stove-Top Cleaning

KM Facility Services professional staff understand the importance of covering every base when it comes to kitchen exhaust cleaning. That is why we don’t do anything half way, but we clean it right the first time! Kitchen grease travels into the hood through the vent hood filters, then into the ductwork that leads to the exhaust fan on the roof. When dirty, greasy buildup goes unchecked it becomes a significant threat including fire and complete devastation of your restaurant and investment. We don’t just clean the areas that the eye can see, but we get behind the scene, where danger lurks as grease buildup has become the number one reason why restaurants or eateries experience overwhelming fires.

We Provide Verification of System Services Required By Law

After we clean your ductwork, fan, roof, and hood, we shine the hood and backsplash and make it look brand new again! In addition we provide a sticker of verification of system services right on your hood. Should we need to repair a latch or do other work besides cleaning, we will inform the owner prior to conducting any additional services, so no worries!

We Customize A Cleaning Program That Fits Your Budget and Needs!

KM Facility Services of Arizona can provide you with customized kitchen exhaust cleaning services, and we also offer FREE QUOTES! Just call (623) 930-5490 today and let us help you get on track by providing affordable kitchen exhaust system cleaning that saves money and lives! We provide services in Tucson, Phoenix and throughout Arizona!