KM Facility Services of AZ Keeps Your Cooling Tower Running

Cooling tower cleaning is something that most business owners appear to overlook as part of regular HVAC maintenance. Because of the risks involved in neglecting your HVAC cooler tower needs such as overflow, degradation, corrosion or breakdown, we make it our business to keep your HVAC up and running at optimal levels. KM Facility Services of AZ keeps your cooling tower running at optimal levels and maintained throughout the year, avoiding a crisis and costly repair bills!

Protect Your Investment with Regular HVAC Cooling Tower Maintenance

What can you expect when KM Facility Services shows up to perform regular maintenance on your cooling tower? First, you can be assured that only licensed HVAC personnel are doing the work necessary to maintain your cooling tower, ensuring that it is operating at its highest performance. We can guarantee our work as we remove deposit corrosion that often occurs in the bottom of your cooling tower system. These deposits can begin to eat away at the mainframe, causing leaks and other issues, and an eventual catastrophe. Imagine an overflow of cooling tower water running over at the top of your building and running down to the offices below. His could mean evacuation, clean up and repair of damaged ceilings and floors and more! Not only will you fork out the money for HVAC cooling tower repair, now your investment has been compromised, and you will need some major repairs done to your commercial building before business can reside.

What Kinds of Deposits Are Removed During the Cooling Tower Maintenance?

Cooling towers naturally accumulate dirt, mud, and debris that settle into the basin of your system. If left alone, this same debris begins to cause corrosion, compromising your cooling tower basin. They act very much like a barrier between the metal of the basin and the water, and prevent the inhibitors from contact, leading to degradation. The same deposits, often turn into microorganisms that then become a breeding ground and spread rapidly throughout your HVAC system. These organisms become very acidic and eat away at any metal they come in contact with. Once a year, at the least, cooling tower evaporative salts should be cleaned out of your cooling tower system. At the same time, we check the distribution decks and nozzles, making sure they are cleaned, or replaced as a regular part of maintenance. We also remove all dirt, mud, and debris, leaving your cooling tower water clean while removing all risks of corrosion.

Schedule a Cooling Tower Cleaning Today!

To schedule a cooling tower cleaning or to have KM Facility provide a free quote, you may contact us at (623) 930-5490. We provide cooling tower cleaning throughout Arizona, including Phoenix, and Tucson. AZ areas.