Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing Saves Lives!

Before you ever consider the construction of your commercial building, it is important to remember that fire and smoke penetration is included in the first phase of your plan. KM Facility Services of Arizona understands that fire and smoke penetration sealing saves lives. That is why we offer our professionally licensed services to businesses throughout Arizona.

Why You Must Hire a Licensed Fire and Smoke Stopping Service

Not every one is professionally trained and licensed to meet the high standards set forth by the government when it comes to local code compliance. At KM Facility Services, we know that lives depend upon the work being done efficiently. Also, there are an abundant of products on the market used for fire and smoke penetration sealing, but not all of them meet the required standards of protection. That is why a licensed professional can only guarantee that all fire and penetration sealing will hold with integrity against a catastrophe.

How Fire and Smoke Penetrating Sealing Works

Fire and smoke penetration sealing is intended to preserve life and property. This is performed by licensed professionals creating fire-resistant compartments throughout the building, making the spread of smoke and fire near impossible. When contractors build a complex and other professionals such as electricians, computer specialist and digital services get involved, breaches in walls, ceilings and floors are created. These small breaches allow the passing of air between surfaces, and if a fire begins, the spread of smoke and fire cannot be contained. Fire stopping enables us to block passageways that allow smoke and fire to spread. In turn, this allows those inside the facility to run for safety while keeping integral sections of the building from suffering smoke and fire damage or complete loss.

Fire Stopping Services Are Required by Law

Regular fire stopping services continues to protect your investment year in and out. KM Facility Services of Arizona can help you remain compliant and meet today’s standards when it comes to fire and smoke penetration sealing. Contact KM Facility Services at (623) 930-5490 today for a free estimate. We service businesses within Arizona, including the Phoenix and Tucson areas.