Paint Removal and Other Summer Clean Up Made Easy with Soda/Sandblasting

We are in the dead heat of summer, and this is the time that many commercial property owners decide to do an all-out cleanup of their properties. It’s an excellent time to think about painting and also about removing dirt or graffiti on commercial buildings. It may interests you to know that paint removal and other summer cleanup are made easy with soda/sandblasting.

Removing Graffiti, Paint and Environmental Hazards

KM Facility Services is Arizona’s leading soda/sandblasting experts. We are the name that people call upon when they want graffiti removed, or when they want to tackle a project such as paint removal, or clean up a structure that has been affected by environmental hazards such as air pollution and pigeon droppings.

Commercial Cleanup Done Safely

KM Facility Services takes every precaution when restoring commercial buildings to their original luster. Soda and sandblasting are both safe, environmental procedures that do not harm the environment, wildlife, or people. Restoring cement, stonework, masonry, statures, sidewalks, and figurines that need descaling is just a short list of some of the projects that we can perform safely and economically.

Remove Mold, Mildew and Rust

Old wood buildings often contain mold and mildew that can actually cause serious degradation and compromise the structure. Soda/sandblasting can eliminate the concern of mold overgrowth and eradicate it in its steps.

From rusty old cars, to paint peeling on buildings, KM Facility Services has you covered. We did not become the leading service provider of Arizona by not doing the job right. We service Tucson, Phoenix, and all of the Arizona area. If you are seeking a professional service that understands environmental safety, and that uses green products to solve your problems, call and schedule your appointment today! (623) 930-5490.