Astro Foil Reflective Insulation

Astro-Foil Fights High Energy Costs

Well, if you haven’t noticed, we are in the dead heat of summer and things aren’t looking as they are going to get better for quite a while. With that in mind, you may be experiencing what many Arizonians are when it comes to higher utility bills due to the heat. We have fantastic news for you! Astro-Foil fights high energy costs by providing the kind of protection needed for your home in the summer and during the winter months.

Start Saving on Your Energy Bill with Astro-Foil

Are you tired of paying exuberant energy bills? Then KM Facility Services of Arizona has the solution to the problem. Astro-Foil is highly superior and performs much better than regular insulation materials such as foam or fiberglass. Designed for all climates, Astro-Foil has earned the reputation for not only holding off the heat in the summer, but keeping it inside during the winter months.

Astro-Foil is Puncture Resistant and More

Unlike many other insulation products on the market today, Astro-Foil is puncture resistant and also provides a solid barrier from wind and water penetration. Can your insulation do that? If it can’t then you most likely have fungus, and other microbial growing below the outdoor surface of your home. Astro-Foil fights fungus and termites too, and has become the leading choice for homeowners and contractors throughout the state of Arizona.

Astro-Foil is the solution for consumers when it comes to purchasing superior insulation. In addition, you will save money on insulation supplies as Astro-Foil is totally safe for the environment allowing you to handle it without masks and gloves or other equipment.

KM Facility Services is Arizona’s distributor for Astro-Foil Insulation. If you are in need of installation services, we can help you with that too! Simply give us a call at (623) 930-5490 for a free estimate. Get Astro-Foil today and start fighting exuberant energy costs once and for all! We provide services to Tucson, Phoenix and throughout the Arizona area.

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