Are You Maintaining Your Cooling Tower?

Evaporative salts are a cooling tower’s enemy, as they often accumulate and begin the deteriorating process known as corrosion that is eating away at your investment. KM Facility Services of Arizona recognizes how costly un-maintained cooling towers can cause a dent in your wallet. Making sure that your system is functioning at an optimal level is the best way to prevent downtime and costly repairs. If you are not maintaining your cooler tower regularly, you most likely will be in for some unpleasant surprises.

Microbes and Environmental Concerns Contaminate Your Air Supply

Did you know that untreated, un-maintained cooling towers become the perfect storm environment for tiny microbes to grow and infect your indoor air quality? It happens more often than you know. Those prone to upper respiratory problems can be affected most. That is why it is all the more necessary to maintain your cooler tower cleanings and operations on a regular basis. Unchecked cooler towers accumulate mud, dirt, and debris that begin to create a barrier between the metal of the basin and the water supply. The result is under deposit corrosion.

Cleaned Cooler Towers Means Less Money Spent On Energy

If you have been noticing an increase in your utility bills, it may be due to a dirty cooler tower. K M Facility Services of Arizona has saved our customers literally thousands of dollars on their energy bills annually by simply performing regular cooling tower cleaning operations. Our licensed and professional staff conducts thorough inspections of your cooling tower, clean up and removal of all evaporative salts, inspections of distribution decks and nozzles and clean up or replacement of them, if needed. We also remove every trace of dirt, mud, debris or other threat to your commercial cooling tower system, and insure that there are no elements affecting your investment that could cause corrosion and breakdown.

For more information about K M Facility Services, or our cleaning tower services including resurfacing services, contact us at (623) 930-5490 for a free quote. We provide professional services to clients throughout Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix area.