Ceiling Tile Cleaning Improves Your Company Image and Boost Sales!

It’s a proven fact, no matter what your business brand provides, if your storefront, office building or other service real estate looks dingy or less inviting than your competitors, you are taking risks. Point is, if your sales are declining, the answer might be looming right overhead. Dirty, dingy and bacteria laden ceiling tile can cause a conundrum of issues that business owners often overlook. That is why at KM Facility Services of Arizona, we are the go-to people when it comes to helping our clients protect their businesses and keep customers coming back for more of their services.  Our ceiling tile cleaning services are provided by licensed ceiling tile cleaning professionals who understand the importance of protecting your entire investment. It’s a well-known fact that ceiling tile cleaning improves your company image and boost sales!

Dirty Ceiling Tile Can Make You and Your Customers Sick

Stained, dirty and dusty ceiling tile not only looks unappealing, it can be making you and your customers sick. Some businesses only replace their ceiling tile when it starts looking bad, stained or dingy looking. That can cost up to thousands of dollars. That is why KM Facility Services provides a more affordable solution, allowing our customers the ability to hold on to their big money while obtaining the same results! If your employees are constantly coughing, wheezing, or have allergic symptoms, it could very well be the dirty ceiling tile causing the issue. In more times than not, dirty ceiling tile contains contaminations like cigarette smoke, pollens, fungus, bacteria and other targeted elements that can cause respiratory distress. If your customers come in and start having these issues, they will avoid your business altogether.

We Offer GREEN Solutions to Your Dirty Ceiling Tile

Unlike many ceiling tile cleaning services, KM Facility Services provides GREEN cleaning solutions when providing professional ceiling tile cleaning. We never use harsh chemicals that can mask or cover up odors and in addition leave behind a strong odor that contributes to respiratory problems. We carefully protect your floors, office equipment and other products before we ever get started. We also work around your clock, allowing for no downtime!

For more information on how we can help you save time and money with our professional ceiling tile cleaning service, call KM Facility Services for a free quote at (623) 930-5490 today! We provide services for all of Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix, AZ areas.