Kitchen Fires Are Prevented With Routine Kitchen Exhaust Inspections

Last week, a grease fire, caused $100,000 worth of damage to Tysons Corner Restaurant in Fairfax County, Washington. The fire spread through the kitchen ducts and started a fire on the roof of the building that spread to adjoining establishments. There were no injuries, but the Chinese Restaurant is closed due to damages. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we are aware that kitchen fires are prevented with routine kitchen exhaust inspections, so we provide licensed inspections and GREEN cleaning solutions that keep our customers coming back for business.

Who’s At Risks for a Kitchen Fire?

If your company has not hired a licensed kitchen exhaust inspection or cleaning business, chances are you have placed your business at risks for the same kind of catastrophe mentioned above. Grease buildup is the number one reason why kitchen fires begin. In Arizona, it is a law to for restaurant owners to have routine kitchen exhaust inspections and cleanings to prevent a fire from happening, which places your customers, employees and neighbors at risks.

KM Facility Services Deals With Greasy Kitchen Exhaust While Protecting Your Investment

Unlike many other companies, KM Facility has several system checks in place when providing licensed kitchen exhaust inspections and degreasing services. We initially inspect your kitchen exhaust system with a manager available. We make notes of problems found such as bad wiring, greasy rooftops, fan vibration or noise, and ensure that fans are working as they should before properly cleaning. Afterward, we set up grease guards and collection devices on the roof, and cover all other equipment and floor, protecting it from grease damage. Then we use GREEN cleaning solutions to remove the grease from the fans, hoods, ductwork and filters. When we finish degreasing, we empty the catch pans, and wipe down the ladder and roof hatch, clean the floor and remove grease water created from the roof.

After removing all grease, we polish the inside and the outside of the stainless hoods and backsplash and run the kitchen exhaust system to ensure that fans and other elements are working properly prior to placing an inspection sticker on the kitchen hood. A copy of the service report will be left with the manager or at the restaurant, providing verification that the owner has safeguarded against a kitchen exhaust fire.

If you need a kitchen exhaust inspection and cleaning, then call the “go to team” at KM Facility Services of Arizona. Give us a call at (623) 930-5490 for a free quote. We provide kitchen exhaust inspections and cleanings for Arizona, and that also includes Phoenix and Tucson areas.