Commercial Soda Blasting Sand Blasting

Soda and Sand Blasting Services of Arizona

KM Facility Services of Arizona provides Soda and Sandblasting Services throughout the state of Arizona.  If you have traveled through the state, most likely you have seen some of their professional cleaning first-hand. There are numerous reasons why business owners choose soda or sand blasting as their first choice to removing grease, oil, paint, coatings, and surface erosion from their buildings, statues or other investments.

How Can Soda and Sand Blasting Restore Your Investment?

When engineers were trying to find a solution to restoring the pristine surface of the Statue of Liberty, they developed soda blasting. Soda blasting is safe and entirely harmless to the environment, which is the main reason why the engineers decided to use the soda blasting technique.  Soda blasting is accomplished through using a high volume but low pressured wet or dry blasting of surfaces to remove graffiti, mold, marine antifouling removal, surface prep on boats, fire restoration, automotive restoration, statue and sculpture restoration, tile cleaning, paint removal, and cleaning of stainless steel, glass, wood, bearings and more.

Sand blasting is slightly different as the procedure calls for more of an abrasive approach and is typically used for cleaning concrete, wood, metal, stucco, and other textured surfaces.  It can also be used to prepare any surface for painting, staining or sealing and is often utilized in the refurbishing industry. KM Facility has used sand blasting for Arizona bridges, tall structures, ships hulls and more.

KM Facility Restores Your Investment and Keeps Arizona Beautiful

Professional soda or sandblasting is the most affordable way to save money and keep your investment looking great for years to come. KM Facility Services of Arizona have trained technicians that are experts in restoration, and can help you get your project prepared for other applications such as painting, etc. Contact us at (623) 930-5490 for all of your soda and sandblasting needs. We provide services to Phoenix, Tucson and all of Arizona.

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