Save Property, Lives and More with Routine Kitchen Exhaust Inspections

Almost weekly, you can peruse the national news and find where a tragic kitchen fire has threatened patrons, employees, and business owners and left behind thousands if not millions of dollars of damages. Kitchen fires are the leading cause of property damage and they are completely avoidable. KM Facility Services offers routine kitchen exhaust inspections and cleanings to customers throughout Arizona, saving lives and commercial investment property.

KM Facility Services Offers Licensed Kitchen Exhaust Inspections With GREEN Solutions!

Have you been guilty of hiring a non-licensed kitchen exhaust cleaning company to ensure the safety of your commercial kitchen? Some business owners cut corners financially in the wrong areas. It’s one thing to find deals on commercial food for your restaurant, and another to skimp on ensuring that your employees, patrons and commercial property is safe and does not become a threat to your community. By law, commercial kitchens are required to have routine kitchen exhaust inspections. That is why KM Facility Services of Arizona is the leading commercial kitchen exhaust inspection provider for the state of Arizona.

What Exactly Causes Kitchen Fires?

Many business owners do not understand that clogged or greasy vents and fans can start a kitchen fire or roof fire above their kitchen in just minutes. It only takes a little grease and the perfect storm condition to cause thousands of dollars of damages. When KM Facility Services provides kitchen exhaust inspections and cleanings, we remove every trace of grease, inspect hinges and wiring as well as any other equipment that might be at risks for fire and inform business owners of what is needed to ensure that their commercial kitchen remains safely protected from catastrophic fires that threaten lives and destroy property. We also work around our customer’s time frame, allowing for no down time of services, and after, we clean up all the grease and ensure that your commercial kitchen is safe, we leave a validation sticker on the exhaust hood, allowing other inspectors to know that you have taken precautions in keeping your commercial kitchen safe and operational.

Schedule a Kitchen Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning Today

You can schedule KM Facility Services of Arizona to come and provide a licensed kitchen exhaust inspection and cleaning by calling (623) 930-5490 today. We offer our services throughout Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix, AZ areas.