Fire and Smoke Dampers Inspections Due In AZ

Fire Dampers are a common form of prevention when it comes to the spread of flames where air ducts penetrate fire barriers. To resist the passage of air and smoke, smoke dampers are installed within the duct system. Fire and Smoke Dampers are required by the (NFPA) to be inspected one year after installation and then regular inspections as to stay within compliance. Now is the time for Fire and Smoke Dampers inspections due in AZ, especially if you have failed to keep yours inspected regularly.

How Do Fire Dampers Work?

Fire Dampers are designed specifically as a passive fire protection system, and they automatically close when temperatures rise so as to prevent the spread of fire. A faulty fire damper can mean only one thing, total devastation in some cases, loss of life! We not only inspect your fire damper, but we can also provide services to repair damaged motor or mechanisms that prevent your fire damper from working appropriately. This will entail a complete removal or replacement. For insurance purposes, we provided documentation that certifies that KM Facility Services of Arizona has inspected your Fire and Smoke Dampers on site and found them operating in compliance with the law.

What Does a Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection Involve?

At KM Facility we offer a “six point” systems check on your fire and smoke dampers, starting with operating all dampers to confirm that they fully close. We then examine the latch, and if needed, lubricate any moving parts to make them work more sufficiently. We then check for any obstructions to your fire damper and smoke damper operation. We check for interferences such as rust, bent tracks, misalignment, damaged frames or blades, or defective parts and hinges. We replace any part that could compromise your fire or smoke damper working when needed the most. We then replace any fusible link that has encountered damage, and lastly provide our customers with documentation verifying that they have had their fire and smoke dampers inspected by a licensed team. This documentation will also list any deficiencies and needed repairs to date.

At KM Facility Services, we take pride in ensuring that your facility is ready for any unforeseen fire or smoke that could cost you thousands of dollars. Call (623)930-5490 today and schedule an appointment now for your Fire and Smoke Damper inspection. We provide inspections statewide, including Tucson and Phoenix Arizona.