Commercial Kitchens Need Exhaust Cleaning Following The Holidays

Most commercial kitchens are running at full capacity for extended days and weeks during the holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and out of town guest gathering at local eateries, as well as company Christmas parties, your commercial kitchen is overbooked for sure. After the holidays wind down, it is time to make sure that your investment is ready for the New Year. Commercial kitchens need exhaust cleaning following the holidays and K M Facility Services of Arizona can help. We provide comprehensive kitchen exhaust inspections and cleanings to keep your property safe and your equipment running at optimal levels.

Kitchen Fire Threatens Hotel Staff and Customers

On December 10, 2013, a kitchen fire broke out in the Westin Book-Cadillac Hotel, in downtown Detroit, MI. The restaurant located on the entry floor, experienced such a fast moving fire that over 200 guest were forced to evacuate. Firefighters reported that the cause was a kitchen grease fire.

Prevent Kitchen Grease Fires with Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

At K M Facility Services, we protect your equipment before we tackle kitchen exhaust cleaning. In the process, we use high pressure cleaning units which are required to put out water in excess of 180 degrees and 3000 P.S.I. We also work around your schedule. After we inspect, we take note of any malfunctions and with permission, do the rightful repairs. This includes wiring, fixing inoperable fans and hatches. Once any needed repairs are made, we clean the exhaust both inside and out, buff the backsplash and shine the stove, mop up any excess water that may have come in contact with the floor, and post a sticker on the range hood validating that the inspection, cleaning and repairs have been completed.

To schedule a kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspection just call KM Facility Services for a free quote at (623) 930-5490 We service businesses within Arizona, as well as, the Phoenix, Tucson areas.