Astro-Foil Is Voted Most Revolutionary Insulation

KM Facility Services of Arizona realizes if you are looking for commercial grade insulation that is easier to install, safer to use and more efficient; Astro-Foil Insulation is just what you need! Astro-Foil is ideal for retrofit or new construction and is more effective than traditional insulation products on the market today.  That is why Astro-Foil is voted most revolutionary insulation for commercial, industrial and agricultural metal and post frame buildings.

The Astro-Foil Advantage

Unlike traditional insulations that are toxic and require special hazmat procedures to install, Astro-Foil is a GREEN product, making it simple and safe to use. There is no need for gloves, mask or protective suiting just to install Astro-Foil. Astro-Foil is lightweight and compact too. One of the main concerns for consumers who are purchasing the installation is whether it will withstand the test of time when it comes to moisture and/or rodent and bug infiltrates.  Astro-Foil is tough as it is puncture resistant, making it the leading choice for those who are a bit leery about using it. It also is water-resistant and provides a non-permeable surface that keeps moisture out.

No More Air Infiltration with Astro-Foil Installation

If you are concerned about air infiltration that leads to draftiness, or cold and hot air leaking inside your business, along with inconsistent energy bills, then Astro-Foil is your answer. Astro-Foil stops air infiltration adding to its effectiveness as an energy lowing option for those who are concerned about rising energy bills. As a Class 1, Class A fire rated material, Astro-Foil is also fire-retardant. The unique quality of Astro-Foil makes it impervious to insects, birds, rodents and fungus, as well as mildew. In addition to possessing excellent R-values, it wards off conductive heat transfer while providing a (97%) reflectivity against radiant heat.

Insulation and Installation Services

We can provide our customers with Astro-Foil Insulation products, and we also offer installation services for those who need licensed professionals to get the work done right the first time. For a free quote, contact KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490. We provide services to all of Arizona including Phoenix and Tucson areas.