Testing and Maintenance of Fire/Smoke Dampers

At K M Facility Services of Arizona, we provide comprehensive Fire/Smoke dampers check for all of our clients in a timely manner. No one can risks having fire and smoke pass through their entire building, and so, fire and smoke dampers that are working according to law, prevent such devastation. We provide fire/smoke dampers testing and maintenance services to keep you and your employees safe!

Federal Requirements for Fire/Smoke Maintenance

Federal certification requirements mandate that both fire and smoke dampers undergo routine maintenance, especially in healthcare facilities. A thorough check of the ventilation system is in order while testing fire and smoke dampers. Easy access to these dampers is another requirement, so that maintenance can be provided at little risks. The doorways should be located as closely as possible to the actual dampers. To ensure that they operate as required by law, all fire dampers, smoke dampers, including ceiling dampers must be operatable prior to occupancy of any new construction [see NFPA 90A(99), Sec. 5-2].

Licensed Professionals Only Certify Operable Dampers

A licensed professional from K M Facility Services will provide a fire/smoke damper inspection according to the law. Once your investment has been approved, we will also leave you with valid documentation stating that all dampers are operable and safe according to federal regulations. If repairs were made, that documentation will also state all work that was completed ensuring that you took every safety measure as a business owner.

K M Facility Services Provides Full Service Maintenance

When K M Facility Services inspects your fire/smoke dampers, we provide a six point system check that includes checking door latches, operation of all dampers, no obstructions check, damage such as rust or bent tracks, etc., fuse link replacement if needed, and documentation verifying where each damper is located, work done and passed inspections.

If you need a fire/smoke damper inspection or maintenance, then K M Facility Services of Arizona is a name that you can trust.  To schedule an inspection call K M Facility Services for a quote at (623) 930-5490. We service businesses within Arizona and the Phoenix, Tucson areas.