Start The New Year Out Right With HVAC Air Filter Changes!

Do you know why so many customers call KM Facility Services of AZ about this time of the year? It’s because their HVAC system(s) or air purifying equipment is not functioning at its full potential? Chances are they have forgotten the importance of regular maintenance. Start the New Year out right with HVAC Air Filter Changes!

How Often Do I Need To Change My HVAC Air Filters?

Most commercial businesses need to change out their air filters at least once every three months, and others much more often, depending on what kind of products and services that they provide. It also has a lot to do with the environment. If you live in an arid area where more dust seems to accumulate, you will need more frequent air filter changes. For the most part, keeping a quarterly check on your HVAC systems air filters will keep your system running at optimal levels year round.

We Carry Most Brands of HVAC Air Filters and Clean Air Products

At KM Facility of Arizona, we keep a large selection of HVAC filters (i.e., Pleats, Rigid, Bags, V-cells, Panels, CELdek or HEPA’s) and air purifying filters readily available for our clients. We understand the risks that take place when dirty air filters are neglected. Dirty filters can cause higher energy bills, work-overload on HVAC systems and eventual breakdown.

We Offer Air Filter Products and Service!

KM Facility Services of Arizona has kept customers all over AZ safe from the hazards that are often caused by neglecting HVAC air filters and other clean air filter devices. If you need air filter replacement, we will be happy to get them to you. If you need regular maintenance on your HVAC filter system, we can provide that too! Don’t let clogged filters get you off in the wrong direction this year. Contact us at (623) 930-5490 and order your filter and/or routine filter service today! We provide clean air filters and maintenance services throughout AZ including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.