We Provide AZ With Fire and Smoke Dampers Inspections

Who can risks having their investment go up in smoke? Many business owners forget the importance of regularly fire and smoke dampers inspections until it is too late. Smoke dampers are installed within the duct system and required by the NFPA to be inspected annually after installation. That is why at KM Facility Services of Arizona, we provide AZ with Fire and Smoke Dampers Inspections according to national regulations.

What Happens When Fire or Smoke Dampers Fail?

When fire and smoke dampers fail to close and danger rises, it can cause catastrophic events such as a complete loss of property and threaten lives. KM Facility services not only provides professional inspections, but if there is a need for repair(s), such as a damaged motor or mechanism stopping your fire or dampers from closing, we fix it. After repairs and all inspections, we provide your facility or commercial property with certified documentation as required by insurance carriers.  It will give you the green light to keep operating your business without risks.

Our Six Point Check System Keeps Our Customers Safe!

We provide a six point systems check and maintenance on your fire and smoke dampers first starting with an operational procedures check.  We inspect the latch and lubricate any moving parts if needed. We ensure that there are no obstructions to the fire and smoke damper operations such as interferences like rust, bent tracks, misalignment, damaged blades or frames, including defective hinges and parts. We then repair or replace any part of your system that is causing a threat to safety, replace any fusible link that has encountered damage, and leave our customers with a certified document verifying that their facility is safe for occupation.

At KM Facility Services, we take pride in ensuring that your commercial property or facility is prepared for any unpredicted fire or smoke that could cost you millions of dollars. Call (623) 930-5490 and schedule a free quote appointment today for your Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection. We provide inspections throughout Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.