We Offer Fire & Smoke Damper Services!

KM Facility Services of Arizona takes pride in providing fire and smoke damper services for our customers, ensuring that their commercial business is protected!

Routine Maintenance Of Fire & Smoke Dampers Saves Lives!

We offer licensed, routine comprehensive fire and smoke damper support for all of our commercial customers. Fire and smoke can spread through a complex in just minutes, destroying your investment and putting others in danger. Fire and smoke dampers testing and maintenance services allow us to guarantee that you and your employees are safe and out of harm’s way should a fire take place.

Federal Law Requires Routine Fire & Smoke Maintenance

Commercial business owners are required by law to ensure that their complex or business is protected from fire and smoke damage. KM Facility Services offers a thorough examination of your ventilation system while testing fire and smoke dampers. We also check for easy availability of all dampers, ensuring that regular maintenance can be provided at little risks. All doorways are required to be located as close as possible to dampers. Prior to occupancy, all fire and smoke dampers as well as ceiling dampers are required to operate efficiently in any new construction.

Licensed, Certified and State Qualified Fire and Smoke Dampers Service

We provide, licensed, certified and federal qualified fire and smoke dampers service to our customers in Arizona. Once approved, your facility or commercial building will be given valid documentation ensuring that all dampers are operable and up to state and federal regulations. Should we need to perform repairs, those repairs will be recorded in the same documentation, ensuring that you, the commercial owner, took every precaution should catastrophe strike your business.

Schedule Your Professional Fire and Smoke Damper Service Today!

KM Facility Services of Arizona offers fire/smoke damper services that include a system check system that includes six points; door latches, operation of all dampers, no-obstruction check, damage, rust or bent tracks check, fuse link and documentation. Schedule your comprehensive fire and smoke damper service today by calling (623) 930-5490. For a free quote today.  We service businesses throughout Arizona, including Phoenix, Tucson areas.