We Are Arizona’s First Choice Fire/Smoke Dampers Testing Team

Fire/Smoke testing actually saves lives, and at KM Facility Services of Arizona, we take pride in keeping your investment protected from unforeseen risks such as fire and smoke spreading throughout your entire building, costing thousands or millions of dollars of damages. We are always on the job making sure that your commercial property will never experience the kind of devastation incurred by faulty fire and smoke dampers. That is why we are Arizona’s first choice fire/smoke dampers testing team.

It’s Required By Law for Businesses to Perform Fire/Smoke Maintenance

KM Facility Services are certified in both fire and smoke damper maintenance. We provide a comprehensive check of your ventilation system, ensuring that it is completely operable. We also make sure that easy access is not being obstructed in any way, as required. This allows maintenance to be provided at little risks. Prior to occupancy of any building, it is required that all fire dampers, smoke dampers and ceiling dampers are operating at optimal performance.

KM Facility Services Offers Licensed and Certified Services

As licensed professionals, we will provide a fire/smoke damper inspection, making sure to follow federal guidelines and requirements. Once your commercial property has passed inspection, we will give the owner a valid documentation stating that your facility or commercial property and its dampers are operable and safe according to federal regulations. If repairs are made, you will also have a document of work completed ensuring compliance to the law.

We Provide A Six Point System Check on Fire/Smoke Dampers

When we inspect your building for fire/smoke damper compliance, we provide a six point check system, ensuring that we are not overlooking any important details that could leave our customers at risks. This check system includes the operation of all dampers, check of door latches, no obstructions check, damage like rust or bent tracks, fuse link replacement and documentation.

If you need a fire/smoke damper inspection or repair, call KM Facility Services of Arizona at (623) 930-5490. We also provide free quotes and service all of Arizona as well as Tucson and Phoenix areas.