Kitchen Fires Cause $172 Million in Property Loss Annually

It is estimated that 5,900 restaurant building fires have been reported to U.S. fire departments annually causing an average of 75 injuries and $172 Million in property loss annually. At KM Facility Services, we are proud to say that our customers are not included in those statistics, because we regularly provide kitchen exhaust cleaning, keeping our customers in Arizona safe!

Grease Is the Leading Cause of Restaurant Building Fires

Whether you are a restaurant owner or an owner of a resort or hotel that offers food service, you are at risks. Ignoring grease buildup in your kitchen exhaust cleaning system is not only against the law, but it is hazardous. Your company depends on a safe and operable kitchen exhaust system that provides a peace of mind to your staff and customers. At KM Facility Services of AZ, we provide licensed kitchen exhaust cleaning that keeps you and your restaurant protected from fire and the legal ramifications often encountered by such a disaster.

We Provide Kitchen Exhaust Inspections and Cleanings On Your Schedule

Unlike many other companies who cause our clients to experience downtime during kitchen exhaust inspections and cleanings, we work around your schedule. Preparation for such services involves a thorough inspection of your entire kitchen exhaust system, including wiring, grease on the roof, fan noise or vibration, and other issues. We also provide protection of your floors and other areas when we clean your exhaust system. Our hot water high pressure units put out a 180 degree and 3000 P.S.I. force that will easily remove caked on grease and dirt and leave behind a completely cleaned, like-new kitchen exhaust system ready for use.

KM Facility Services Repairs any Damage and Cleans to Perfection.

We notify business owners what we find upon inspection, especially if any maintenance repairs are required. Afterward, we will repair,clean and inspect again and before placing an updated inspection sticker on your kitchen hood. We will also polish the backsplash and hood and ensure that your kitchen is ready for business.

If you need a kitchen exhaust inspection or cleaning, give KM Facility Services of Arizona a call for a free quote at (623) 930-5490. We provide services to all of Arizona including Phoenix and Tucson areas!