Soda and Sandblasting Services Bring Beauty to Arizona

K M Facility Services of Arizona take pride in offering professional services such as Soda or Sandblasting to clients who are looking for exceptional results without breaking the bank. If you look throughout Arizona, chances are you have seen the professional cleaning that K M Facility Services has provided to the city bridges, parks, commercial buildings and more. With that being said, Soda and Sandblasting services bring beauty to Arizona

Soda and Sandblasting Removes Graffiti, Grease and More!

With K M Facility Services on the job, business owners have learned that it does not require a complete overhaul of paint or other application to renovate their properties. Now with Soda or Sandblasting services, we can restore just about any surface, making it look brand new again! This includes removing graffiti, grease, gasket material, carbon, paint, coatings, surface corrosion and more. We can help restore a variety of surfaces including plastics, woods, concrete and composites without damaging them in any way. Memorial gardens and parks often call upon our services to clean precious headstones and monuments, often difficult tasks to accomplish without soda or sandblasting experience. Before you hire anyone who claims that they can restore such an object back to its original condition, make sure that they are a licensed professional, or you could be at risks involving irreparable damage.

Preparation for Paint and Other Applications

If you need help stripping off old paint and restoring the surface of metal or wood or other substrate to its natural form, sandblasting should be your first choice. The benefit of sandblasting for such projects is that it leaves behind no residue to contend with, nor does it change the sub surface in any shape or form, but leaves behind a smooth clean surface ready for paint or other applications.

In Arizona, commercial companies have learned to entrust K M Facility Services with all of their Soda and Sandblasting needs. If you want your commercial property to look new once again without painting over graffiti or other unwanted marks that cause concern, then give us a call at (623) 930-5490. We can take care of all of your Soda or Sandblasting needs in Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix areas. Call us for a free quote today.