Annual Cooling Tower Cleaning Saves On Costly Repairs

Maintaining the condition of your cooling tower is fundamental in keeping your system in working order. Dirty or un-maintained cooling towers allow for evaporative salts to begin accumulating, followed by corrosion. That is why at KM Facility Services of Arizona, we know that annual cooling tower cleaning saves on costly repairs, and protects our customers investment.

Lower Your Operation Cost With Cooler Tower Cleaning

Like anything else, once a device or mechanism becomes clogged with dirt or debris, it allows for corrosion and other problems to arise to the surface. It also depletes the performance of your system and eventually leads to breakdown. When a cooling tower goes unchecked, the mud, dirt and debris from the basin accumulate and form a barrier between the metal of the basin and the water. This will eventually lead to under deposit corrosion. In addition, your cooling tower becomes the perfect environment for a breeding ground for microbes to multiply, which can affect your indoor air and set your system up for increased problems and repairs.

How K M Facility Services Tackles Your Cooler Tower Cleaning

Once a year we do a thorough inspection of your HVAC cooling tower and remove all of the evaporative salts that lead to corrosion and system failure. We also examine the distribution decks and nozzles, ensuring they are cleaned or replaced at the same time. In the low flow areas, we remove all of the mud, debris and microbes that have accumulated, insuring that your system is free of risks that lead to ongoing corrosion. We also ensure that indoor air is not being compromised.

Arizonians Trust K M Facility Services With All of the HVAC Needs

If we find that your system is encountering severe corrosion issues, we can recommend the essential services and products that will protect your cooling tower. We also offer resurfacing services when the corrosion has affected your cooling tower, leaving it at the point of no return.

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Cooling Tower Cleaning Before


Cooling Tower Cleaning After


Tower was pressure washed to remove scale build up, all debris was removed from the basin then sanitize.