Our Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing Saves Lives in Arizona!

Construction companies and building owners have become increasingly aware of the need to utilize fire and smoke penetration sealing services when it comes to meeting critical building codes, decreasing the loss from smoke and deadly gases, and more. More importantly, our fire and smoke penetration sealing saves lives in Arizona!

Why Take Risks With Your Investment?

As a business owner, it never pays to take shortcuts when it comes to risking the lives of others. By law, commercial establishments are required to perform initial fire-stopping services and continue to provide updated fire-stopping as needed. KM Facility Services of Arizona, understands that fire and smoke penetration sealing services are needed to save lives. That is why we have trained, licensed and experienced personnel that help maintain Arizona businesses by providing loss prevention services.

Why Hire A Licensed Fire Stopping Service?

It never pays to try and perform fire and smoke penetration services without a licensed provider. Our team is experienced in locating breaches such as gaps between walls and floors, and drill holes that can allow smoke and fire to spread from one area to another rapidly. We also ensure that any other installations such as HVAC systems are completely sealed.  Our licensed professionals take every means possible to protect customers like you from ever having to experience a total loss should a catastrophic fire take place. Did you know that insurance companies are less likely to pay for damages as well, unless a licensed provider was involved in fire and smoke penetration sealing services?

How Often Should Fire and Smoke Prevention Services Be Performed?

After any major construction, remodeling or additional utility services, fire-stopping services should be performed. Ongoing services are needed to ensure that any new breach is sealed, preventing loss of life and property. From ceiling to floor and wall to wall, an inspection of the premises is vital in alleviating risks of fire spread. Not only is it important to provide fire and smoke penetration sealing services, but materials used for services must be up to code. Only a licensed and trained individual can guarantee that fire and smoke stopping services are compliant to state law.

If your investment property is in need of fire and smoke penetration sealing, don’t hesitate to call the KM Facility Services professionals of Arizona at (623) 930-5490. We also provide free quotes and services to all of Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona municipalities.