KM Facility Services Provides Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing

Perhaps you have never considered the importance of sealing gaps within a fire resisting structure and how imperative it is to ensure that it is performed correctly. Poor fire and smoke penetration services can leave behind destruction throughout a structure and possible loss of life. KM Facility Services provides professional fire and smoke penetration sealing in Arizona.

Sealing Gaps is Vital to Saving Life and Property

Gaps left behind at construction sites are most commonly found at service penetration points such as walls and floors. No one can afford passive fire and smoke penetration sealing services. Each structure requires unique services and products to prevent devastation due to smoke damage or fire combustion. Most concealed cavities between fire resisting floors and walls are intertwined. Other breeches or gaps are left behind by poor workmanship and for structural movement. The utmost attention in sealing cracks is vital to guarantee that the compartmentalization system is effective and that it provides the maximum capability of saving lives and property.

Effective Solutions to Seal Gaps at Service Penetrations Has Increased

The development of effective solutions to seal gaps at service penetrations has undeniably increased over the recent years. There is no single solution or product that will overall protect a structure. Expertise assessments and proven techniques are needed to provide assurance and safety, and KM Facility Services of Arizona has the experience you need to make sure that the job is done professionally to code. We have witnessed the devastation left behind when a building or structure was inadequately or improperly sealed and protected from fire and smoke. The loss can be insurmountable for business owners and communities.

If you are seeking professionally licensed fire and smoke penetration sealing services, then KM Facility Services is the name that you can trust. Call us today at (623) 930-5490. We service businesses within Arizona, including the Phoenix and Tucson areas.