Do a Clean Sweep with Soda and Sand Blasting Services

If you are thinking of restoring your office building, commercial complex or other structure back to its original appearance, than Soda or Sand Blasting may be the solution. When it comes to Soda/Sand blasting, you must hire a professionally experienced team. The reason is that not all people take the proper care not to damage your property while in the process of blasting dirt, grime, paint or other elements away. KM Facility Services has earned the trust and respect of commercial businesses throughout Arizona. If you want to rid your complex or building of bird droppings, leaves, dirt, pollutants or graffiti, we can do a clean sweep with Soda and Sand Blasting services.

How Does Soda or Sand Blasting Restore Without Damaging Property?

With Soda blasting, we use food grade baking soda in granule form and propel it with high pressured air at high speeds. This service is perfectly safe for most services such as granite, rock, cement, metal, wood and other surfaces that require high abrasion without leaving behind damage. Soda blasting is ideal for removing oil and grease from engine components, fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel and a surplus of other like materials.
Sand blasting propels fine bits of material at high velocity rates to clean or etch a surface. For some, sand can cause irritation to lungs, and so other abrasives such as coconut shell, walnut shells and powdered abrasives have been introduced on the market that are more tolerable. No matter what material is used, the service technician needs to wear safety gear and use proper ventilation.

Finding Experienced Soda and Sand Blasting Technicians

An experienced technician is able to assess your property and determine whether you need sand or soda blasting to get the job done right. KM Facility of AZ uses nothing but environmentally safe products when performing Soda or Sand blasting services. If you need more information, or would like a free quote, simply give us a call at (623) 930-5490. We provide services to Tucson and Phoenix and all Arizona locations.