Cooling Tower Cleaning is Necessary in Arizona

K&M Facility Services understands the importance of keeping HVAC cooling towers clean. When a cleaning tower becomes saturated with mud, sludge and grime and other contaminants, its performance is limited. Dirty water in your cooling tower pollutes chillers and diminishes your heat exchange efficiency, causing rising energy bills. As a business owner, you probably already are aware how cooling tower cleaning is necessary in Arizona.

K&M Facility Services have the credentials and knowledge on how to clean your cooling tower appropriately, and to maintain your HVAC system so that you receive the maximum efficiency from your unit. We use pressure washing as one way to clean your cooler tower. This allows us to remove mud and debris effectively and without damaging the unit. Though there are several steps to implement in cleaning a cooling tower, pressure washing is the most effective and most eco-friendly.

Why clean your HVAC cooling tower? The evaporated salts will adhere and build up on the inside of your unit. This can cause malfunction and air contamination inside your facility. Bacteria easily grow in such an environment, and without proper maintenance, you are at a high risk of not only damaging your unit, but your health. We highly recommend that you have your cooling tower cleaned annually, and that you have an inspection done to ensure that your unit is not compromised in any way.

Cooling tower cleaning is a safe and effective method used to ensure the life and performance of your unit. Cooling tower cleaning is necessary in AZ because so many businesses depend on their HVAC unit to operate efficiently year round. K&M Facility Services are experts in the field. Give us a call today for your cooler tower cleaning needs. We service Tucson and Phoenix areas of Arizona too. (623) 930-5490.