Arizona’s First Choice Providers for Fire/Smoke Damper Inspections

State regulations require that every fire and fire/smoke damper work properly. Fire dampers when working as they are designed to; provide protection inside and outside the air duct system. Regular scheduled inspections of your fire and fire/smoke damper are necessary. KM Facility Services is licensed, and Arizona’s first choice providers for fire/smoke damper inspections. They can help you prevent a minor accident from turning into a devastating life altering incident.

Fire dampers are designed to automatically close when temperatures increase so as to prevent a fire from spreading throughout your facility. Fire and smoke dampers are not something that people think about regularly until something catastrophic happens. To ensure that these dampers are properly functioning, routine maintenance and inspections are vital. Fire/smoke dampers that close properly, prevent fire and smoke from traveling throughout your facility.

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino disaster that took place in 1980 was due to the inhalation of smoke throughout the hotel. Had the fire/smoke damper been in place and reliable, the eighty five people who lost their lives would never have been a story for the front line papers that day. A fire broke out in the hotel kitchen and quickly spread, bringing with it total devastation. The building material created toxic fumes and air.
The final report said, “Due to faulty smoke dampers within the ventilation duct network, the toxic fumes circulated throughout the hotel’s air circulation system, accelerating the spread of the poisonous air.”

In reality, this is a tragedy that could have been prevented by a simple fire/smoke damper inspection and maintenance. KM also inspects the linkages, ensuring they are not obstructed in any way by paint or any other substances. These linkages are crucial in detecting heat and smoke changes within the building environment.

Call Arizona’s first choice providers for fire/smoke damper inspections, and keep your facility safe from unwanted tragedy. Contact KM Facility Services for a quote at (623) 930-5490. We service businesses within Arizona, as well as Phoenix and Tucson areas.