Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Keeps Arizona Safe.

Stop playing with fire when it comes to your kitchen exhaust system. Too many tragedies have happened, especially in restaurants that ignore the needed safety inspection and thorough cleaning of their exhaust systems. If the present company you are using does not entirely eliminate the (grease) from your duct work, then that same grease becomes fuel to feed the fire.

KM Facility Services kitchen exhaust cleaning keeps Arizona safe Your business is depending on a properly working kitchen, so you can depend on KM to do the job right. After a thorough inspection of both the exhaust and the hood, we will note issues with wiring, grease on the roof, or fan noise that will be noted. Before cleaning, with high-pressure water that reaches 180 degrees, all elements will be covered thoroughly with plastic. KM Facility Services kitchen exhaust cleaning process consist of:

  1. Applying a degreasing chemical to the fan, all duct work, filters and the hood. We also clean all vertical and horizontal duct work and the fans as well as emptying and cleaning the catch pans.
  2. The ladder and roof hatch are wiped down along with all equipment in the cleaning area and the floor is mopped.
  3. Removal of any grease and waste water that we create from the roof, back-door area and parking lot.
  4. We end up by polishing the hood on the inside and outside of the stainless steel and back splash.
  5. We finally make sure all systems are operating properly before placing the inspection sticker on the hood.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is not something you want to leave up to a rookie. We take pride in being the most professional and thorough, commercial and industrial exhaust system service provider in Arizona. KM Facility Services kitchen exhaust cleaning keeps Arizona safe. Call us for a quote at (623) 930-5490. We service businesses within Arizona and the Phoenix, Tucson areas.