Not All HVAC Air Filters Are Created Equal

We have seen customers try to cut corners or not even change their HVAC air filters due to not understanding the importance of it or trying to save some money. At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we are the ones that businesses have put their trust in when it comes to maintaining their investment and ensuring that their HVAC is operating at an optimal level. We don’t cut corners when it comes to providing the kind of HVAC air filters required for your HVAC or air purifying system. That is because we know that not all HVAC air filters are created equal.

Using Unregulated Air Filters Is A Costly Mistake

One customer decided to use an air filter from a local hardware store that did not properly fit their HVAC system. The result was bypass leakage, and they ended up with a whopping maintenance bill to boot. The result was that the evaporative coil was getting colder than it should have and eventually it froze up. No one can afford to throw money away like that, and at KM Facility Services, we take every precaution when choosing the right air filter for your HVAC system. In addition, we offer filter changing services so that your business can always depend on a reliable, healthy indoor air environment, every season of the year.

HVAC Air Filters Eliminate Allergens and More

Have you ever taken a look at a HVAC air filter when it was being changed? What is inside it can be a little scary. If the filter is doing its job as designed, there will be particles of dust, pollen and other air contaminants trapped with the air filter design pockets. If your filter looks clean after a few months of HVAC use, you most likely are breathing in the very things that air filters were designed to prevent. This can lead to upper respiratory conditions and allergic reactions. In addition, when filters go unchecked, the result is the same as buildup can cause small particles to be released inside your business and start wreaking havoc with your employees and customers. In addition, unchanged air filters cause eventual breakdown of your HVAC system because they block air flow and make your HVAC work much harder than it was intended to in the first place.

We Provide Affordable Air Filters And Services

At KM Facility Services, you will find air filter brands such as Rigid, Pleats, Bags, Panels, V-cells, CELdek® and Hepa. We provide air filters for airports, hospitals, commercial properties and more. We are a leading commercial HVAC air filter supplier in Arizona! To order your HVAC air filters or to request a free quote on an air filter maintenance program, call us today at (623) 930-5490. We provide businesses throughout Arizona with HVAC air filters and services, including Tucson and Phoenix Arizona area.