Why Clean HVAC Cooling Towers During the Winter Months?

Most people ignore HVAC cooling towers during the winter, mainly because of increment weather and holiday busyness. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have a fantastic holiday party planned only to have your HVAC go on the blink because you ignored the need to clean your cooling tower? Fact is, HVAC owners often forget why they need to clean HVAC cooling towers during the winter months.

Avoid Cooling Tower Repair Bills!

Alright, so we already mentioned the party being ruined by a dysfunctional HVAC or one that went down because of inadequate maintenance checks. Now, let’s talk about how to avoid the expense of a HVAC system whose cooling tower has been neglected. Including downtime, you could have a lot to lose before the problem is rectified.

KM Facility Services of Arizona are all too familiar with the incidents that HVAC downtime can cause, and they also know how to prevent HVAC system failure in the first place. Some of the tale-tale signs that your HVAC is getting ready to breakdown can be caused by a contaminated cooling tower. Dirt, mud, and other debris find their way inside the cooling tower, and before you know it, the entire cooling tower basin has formed a barrier and started degradation. Corrosion can be detrimental to your cooling tower and cost a bundle to repair. Another symptom of a dirty cooling tower is the higher energy bills that you are experiencing. Dirt and grime can block air flow, making your HVAC unit work much harder than intended, and in turn up your energy bill while reducing the life expectancy of your HVAC unit.

Get Your HVAC Checked Out Before Problems Arise

KM Facility Services of Arizona are dependable, knowledgeable and provide affordable services throughout the state of Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson. Make sure you hire a professional to clean your cooling tower, or you most likely will end up needing more maintenance on your unit than you bargained for. Give us a call today at (623) 930-5490, and schedule your HVAC cooling tower cleaning before your party guests arrive.