We Offer ‘Top Of The Line’ Rigid Media Pads

At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we have seen what low-grade quality pads can do to your evaporative cooling system. They not only provide poor performance, but breakdown quicker costing our customers more money in the end. That is why we offer top of the line Rigid Media pads to all of our evaporative cooler customers throughout Arizona.

What Makes Rigid Media Pads Different?

For starters, our Rigid Media pads are heavier and constructed with virgin quality kraft paper that also contains a higher resin content. Why is this significant? Higher resin content provides a more efficient cooling operation and offers better durability, more strength and longer life options for evaporative coolers. Truth is other evaporative cooler pads struggle to keep up with the performance of a Rigid Media pad.

Rigid Media Pads Maximize Air Flow

The standard process of evaporative cooling pads allows air to be drawn through the wet media. As the air moves over the fluted surfaces of the wet pad, it causes water to evaporate, and in turn removes heat from the air itself, allowing the Rigid Media Pad to cool down the air and provide cooler air inside your facility. Rigid Media pads offer the most efficient evaporative cooling as they allow more air to cross over the wet pad system, allowing for complete contact or interaction between water and air.

KM Facility Supplies Arizona with Strongest and Heaviest Rigid Media Pads

We know the importance of providing our customers with the best Rigid Media pads available. We offer Rigid Media Pads to all of our Arizona commercial and industrial customers with evaporative cooling systems, Pre-coolers, humidifiers and cooling towers. We also offer Greenhouse space cooling and agricultural customers with Rigid Media pads for their egg houses, hog, poultry and dairy facilities.

If you are seeking a reliable Rigid Media pad service provider, or just need to order some pads for your facility, we can help. Simple give us a call at (623) 930-5490 to order yours now. We provide services to all of Arizona including Phoenix and Tucson areas.