Things You Should Know About Your Kitchen Exhaust System

At KM Facility Services of Arizona, we take time to explain our processes of servicing and kitchen exhaust cleaning to our customers. We understand as a business owner, you may not be knowledgeable about kitchen exhaust systems. Thus, we share with you things you should know about kitchen exhaust systems so that your employees and customers can remain safe.

A Noisy Exhaust Fan Sounds a Warning That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Is your exhaust fan starting to make noise when in use? Chances are, the fan itself is out of balance or may have lost a bearing for support. In turn, this causes the fan to use extra electricity just to function, and in some cases, a short-term fix will only lead to reoccurring servicing bills. Motor failures and downtimes are something that restaurant owners cannot afford. You are better off hiring a professional to ensure that the fan is in place properly, or replaced if needed, instead of taking risks of failure.

Kitchen Exhaust Systems Contribute To Energy Bills

If you are a restaurant owner, kitchen exhaust systems are reliable for a large portion of your energy bill. Leaking ductwork and greasy kitchen exhaust systems work overtime and harder to get the job done, causing energy bills to soar. Did you know that reducing the size of the exhaust fan can also reduce energy bills? Only a licensed professional can tell you if your system qualifies for such a reduction. If so,  you can save a good percentage on energy and preserve the life of your kitchen exhaust system with proper cleanings and servicing.

Lower the Risks of a Devastating Kitchen Fire with Routine System Cleanings

When hiring a company to clean your kitchen exhaust system, make sure they are doing more than cleaning the areas that you just see, such as the hood. Our services provide roof-top to stove-top inspections and cleanings, as well as making sure that your system is compliant by checking for any ductwork leaks.  All grease is removed from the roof to stove top, and inspection checks ensure that clearances are adequate between ductwork and flammable material.   After all, we take pride in  our job to protect you from a kitchen hazard or catastrophe.

KM Facility Services of Arizona will never leave your kitchen exhaust system vulnerable for breakdown or a fire catastrophe. We provide routine maintenance and cleanings, keeping you and your employees, as well as customers safe. To schedule a kitchen exhaust cleaning or request a free quote, call (623) 930-5490 today! We service all of AZ, including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.