KM Facility is the Leading Company Offering Soda and Sand Blasting Services

Have you ever wondered why some shops or facilities seem to glisten when you drive by them, while others look drab and just downright unattractive? If you live in AZ, most likely you have driven by a place that has been restored by KMKMKM Facility Services. They are the leading company offering soda and sandblasting services in all of Arizona.

Soda and Sandblasting Eliminates Mold Growth

If you have an old building made of wood or other porous materials, chances are if you have not cleaned it properly, it has become a breeding ground for mold. Mold not only can cause serious health issues, it can utterly destroy whatever it has a mind to. Cleaning wood, plastic, concrete and other composites with soda and sandblasting, is the most green and efficient way to get the job done, and it is used widely for preserving old relics, buildings and more.

Why Choose Soda and Sandblasting Over Other Methods?

Soda and Sandblasting can revolutionize your old building, swimming pools, statues, auto body shops, sidewalks, masonry, marble, concrete floors, railcars, tractors and more. Many car restoration companies use this method as a safe way to ensure the integrity of their old classics while making them look brand new. Soda and sandblasting safely removes grease, grime, graffiti, and gook from unwanted buildings, as well as ornamental metals, architectural and/or monumental figures.

Why Choose KM Facility Services To Get The Job Done?

When seeking a company that has built its reputation on providing top notch services at affordable prices, KM is ahead of the competition. They use safety precautions when performing the soda and sandblasting treatments. In addition, they use green products that will not be detrimental to the environment, and they have the knowledge and finesse that it takes to get the job done right the first time. If you have been putting off the inevitable, it’s time to plan your soda and sandblasting project right away. KM Facility is the leading company offering soda and sand blasting services in Tucson, Phoenix, and throughout the Arizona area. Call and schedule your appointment today! (623) 930-5490