Fire Stopping May Have Prevented The Houston Fire From Spreading

An apartment complex in Houston suffered extreme fire damage, displacing dozens of residents.  Due to an accident caused by a plumber working in one of the units, the fire took off and spread rapidly through the Harbor Ridge Apartments. Firefighters fought the blaze for hours before putting it out. There were no injuries, but the cost of damage was unprecedented. KM Facility Services of Arizona knows all too well the simple facts that Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing or Fire Stopping may have prevented the Houston fire from spreading.

Fire Codes Require Updated Fire Stopping Procedures

Annually, it is crucial for a business complex to have a thorough inspection and services that include Fire and Smoke Penetration. This service is not only an effective and preventive tool when it comes to combatting the spread of a devastating fire, but it saves lives too. Especially in an apartment complex, where residents move in and out, there are numerous opportunities presented for fires to spread. New cable, telephone wires and computer wiring, all require small holes to be drilled in walls and floors. These small holes are dangerous if and when a fire should develop, because they allow for smoke and fire to spread quickly to other areas.

We Are The Most Requested Fire Stopping Service in AZ

When business owners recommend Fire Stopping Services to their colleagues, they recommend KM Facility Services of Arizona. Why? Mainly it’s because we have successfully protected their business complexes and kept them free from devastating fires that could add up to millions of dollars of damage. We examine all gaps, holes, and other leaks such as gaping walls and HVAC area installation breaches, and we fill every potential opening, insuring that smoke and fire cannot penetrate through. In the long run, this saves money and lives.

As business owners ourselves, we take pride in making sure that our company and our customers are not threatened by fire and smoke damage that can turn an investment into a catastrophe.  If you’re seeking the go to people for Fire Stopping Services, then give us a call today at (623) 930-5490. We service all of Arizona, as well as Phoenix and Tucson areas.