Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing Saves Property And Lives!

Most states have fire laws and codes that require business owners and contractors to provide fire and smoke penetration services not only during the construction period but annually, so as to protect your investment. At K M Facility Services of Arizona, we provide the protection needed with our Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing that saves property and lives!

Inadequate Fire Stopping Lends To High Risks

When seeking a Fire Stopping Service Company, make sure you take a look at their track record. In 1996, the famous 30 Rockefeller Plaza Building in New York, experienced a fire that soon spread to five different locations, simply because the fire stopping services hired to do the job, failed to stop the fire due to the poor services rendered.  Unprotected vertical and horizontal penetration caused a rapid move of smoke and fire throughout the building. The fire started in the electrical room and moved out to other areas, according to the FPA (Fire Protection Association). The company hired to conduct the Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing failed to do the job right, leaving the multimillion dollar complex with extreme damages and risking lives in the process. Ask the fire stopping service company for referrals, and check out their track record before hiring them.

Wall and Floor Breaches Leave Gaps For Smoke and Fire To Spread

At K M Facility Services of Arizona, we inspect every nook and cranny when providing fire and smoke penetration sealing services. A comprehensive inspection includes walls, floors, gaps, and also checking around utility installations like HVAC and other major installations, ensuring that your property and personnel are safe if a fire should break out. New cable, internet, phone and other utilities, often bore holes in walls and floors, and thus your business property needs to be inspected annually to make sure that there are no new opportunities for smoke and fire to spread quickly and cost thousands of dollars of damage.

Hire The Professional Arizona Fire Stopping Professional

If you want your Fire and Smoke Penetration Sealing services to be done right the first time, then give K M Facility Services of Arizona a call today. We provide our customers with the protection needed against fire and smoke penetration sealing services that they can depend upon. We provide services to Tucson and Phoenix, AZ as well as the entire state of Arizona. Call (623) 930-5490 today and let us help you prevent a fire catastrophe from happening tomorrow.