Clean Up After the Summer Fun with Soda and Sandblasting

Summer is winding down, and school routines and holiday planning are just around the corner. While many have enjoyed the hot summer days and all the activities that lend to being out in the great outdoors, commercial building owners are often left with the remains from the summer activity. One of the most frequent problems is vandalism graffiti. Other issues are due to the environment such as heat and pollution that is at its peak during the hotter months. Clean up after the summer fun with soda and sand blasting services by KM Facility Services of Arizona.

We Are Arizona’s First Choice for Soda/Sandblasting Services

You might not have heard of us, but you for sure have seen the results of our labor as KM Facility Services is Arizona’s first choice in soda and sandblasting restoring services. We help keep Arizona’s structures looking pristine without the fuss of hiring a painter or another form of remediation service. We have the special equipment, and the certification needed to remove unwanted graffiti, paint, bird droppings and more from your commercial property. Stop thinking you will need an expensive paint job or restoration company when it comes to restoring your commercial property. Soda and Sandblasting, economically and effectively removes grease, mold, graffiti and so much more.

Clean and Strip Any Surface Affordably and Quickly

If you are in need of traditional sandblasting for rust removal or to prep steel for a paint job, we can help. We also clean and strip any surface without damaging the underlying substrate. Soda and sandblasting works perfectly on cement, wood, bricks, automobile restoration, paint or varnish removal, fiberglass and anything else that can think of.

If you’re ready to clean up after the summer fun, give KM Facility of Arizona a call at (623) 930-5490 and make an appointment today. We also maintain Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.