Don’t Forget the Maintenance of your HVAC Cooling Tower

Summer is here and your HVAC unit is working harder than ever before to maintain a clean, cool air supply. In the midst of summer vacations and events that fill the season with adventure, many HVAC owners tend to overlook servicing their HVAC system properly. Don’t forget the maintenance of your HVAC cooling tower, or you might be faced with bigger issues such as replacing later on.

Springtime means it is Time to Clean Your HVAC Cooling Tower

Now that winter is almost past and spring is upon us, it is imperative to remember to care for your HVAC system, and prepare it for another year of service. KM Facility Services of Arizona recognizes the issues that cause HVAC owners grief annually, and they are prepared to eliminate those problems so that you can use your HVAC without any degree of concern. Springtime means it is time to clean your HVAC Cooling Tower.

How does cooling tower corrosion occur and what are the effects?

How does cooling tower corrosion occur and what are the effects?

Over the past decades, metal cooling towers have become popular. Tower corrosion may occur in as little as 7 years depending upon water treatment and environmental conditions. Severe rusting to the point of distressed metal of the tower basin and support structure results. Corrosion causes water leaks and increases water consumption. Structural integrity of the tower itself is reduced and gradually performance deteriorates.