HVAC Coil Cleaning Saves Money and Energy

K&M Facility Services are the go-to professionals when it comes to HVAC coil cleaning. Coils can become cluttered with debris, dirt, and other contaminates causing them to work inefficiently. If your air conditioning bill is on the rise, you may need the coils on your unit cleaned. HVAC coil cleaning saves money and energy. Coil cleaning not only helps with minimizing your electric bill, but it prolongs the life of your HVAC unit.

Solutions to prevent premature coil failure

What does Weatherproof Coil Shield do? Weatherproof Coil Shield (WCS) is engineered to stop the corrosive effects of coastal salt fog on condenser coils.

How long does WCS last? Conditions vary widely. Winds, tides, and proximity to the ocean are all factors that determine corrosive rates. To help obtain a standard, accelerated weathering chambers are used to determine corrosion rates. In the field, it is recommended that WCS be replaced every year under severe conditions, and less often under milder conditions.