Arizona Glistens with Soda/Sandblasting Experts at Hand

It may seem trivial to you to consider having soda or sandblasting services performed on buildings, streets or rusty items that need restoration. Needless to say, Arizona would be in poor shape if soda and sandblasting was not a significant part of keeping our cities clean and attractive. Arizona glistens with soda/sandblasting experts at hand such as K M Facility Services.

Remove Graffiti the Safe Way

Soda and Sandblasting is an environmentally safe procedure when used properly by professionals. If you’re the owner of a commercial building, cement lot or structure that has graffiti or other undesirable elements that hinder your business reputation or moral, don’t panic. Now is the time to call in the professionals of KM Facility Services. Soda/Sandblasting is the solution to keeping your establishment sparkling and inviting.

Soda and Sandblasting Solutions for Many Problems

Soda and Sandblasting is not only great for removing graffiti from cement and buildings, but you will find it beneficial for removing paint from old buildings, or stonework, masonry, sidewalks, statue or figures that need descaling, and more. Because soda and sandblasting is entirely safe for such items as these, just about anything that needs restoration from old rust, or mold overgrowth can benefit from such services. Mold can creep into old wood buildings also, and when it starts to do that, the result can be devastating. Soda/sandblasting can prevent mold overgrowth and save you the owner thousands of dollars in repairs.

KM Facility is the leading soda and sand blasting services company in Tucson, Phoenix, and throughout the Arizona area. If you are seeking a professional service that understands the meaning of safety, and that uses environmentally green products to solve your problems, call and schedule your appointment today! (623) 930-5490.