Commercial Soda Blasting Sand Blasting

Soda Blasting & Sand Blasting

You may find it fascinating to know that soda blasting was developed to restore the Stature of Liberty. Now it is used worldwide for all kinds of preservation projects. Although similar in design, sand blasting is used for cleaning wood and other substrate materials with reliability and extraordinary results. Soda and sandblasting are both two principal techniques that are environmental friendly and are remarkably affordable.

Soda Blasting and Sand Blasting Projects

Soda and sand blasting removes substances such as grease, oil, carbon, gasket material, paint and coatings from different alloys, surface corrosion and more. You can clean plastics, woods, concrete, and composites without damaging or causing distortion in any way. Soda blasting is especially suitable for anodized coatings on headstones and monuments, preventing them from peeling or being stripped and restoring the object back to its original condition.

Sand blasting is usually described in that it propels extremely small bits of materials (walnuts shells, copper slag, and textured powders) at a high velocity, for the purpose of abrasive cleaning or etching a surface. Sand blasting is often used to prime a surface before painting or applying sealant. Sandblasting has also been used to clean high bridge structures and ships hulls. When painting, sand blasting avoids the dust and particles often left behind on walls or surfaces that paint rollers and brushes can pick up, causing a distortion in the smooth surface intended.

Processes of Soda Blasting or Sand Blasting

Entrusting your soda or sandblasting projects to a professional can ensure safety management and peace of mind. KM Services has professional, trained technicians who understand the importance of restoration, as well as preparation for other applications.

There are precautions to take into consideration when sandblasting. One is the possibility of inhaling dust during the process. With KM Services, sandblasting is carefully controlled, by using protective gear, an alternate air supply, and proper ventilation.

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