Fire Damper & Smoke Damper Inspection

Fire Dampers help prevent transmission of flame where air ducts penetrate fire barriers. Smoke Dampers are intended to be installed in ducts and air transfer openings designed to resist the passage of air and smoke.

According to the National Fire Protection Standard (NFPA) 90A-19.4 and 19.5, 2007 Edition states: “Each damper shall be inspected one (1) year after installation and then the frequency shall be every six (6) years for hospitals.” Not only is compliance important, the proper operation of your fire and smoke dampers are vital to your business operations if a fire does occur. Fire Dampers are passive fire protection systems designed to close when temperatures rise in order to stop the spread of fire.

At KM Facility Services, our inspection will ensure that all required regulations are met. We can repair or replace dampers that are inoperable, from taking care of a faulty motor or mechanism to a complete removal or replacement. In addition to ensuring you maintain a safe, secure work area, our inspection and repair process includes documentation certifying the inspection and operability of your facility.

Our damper inspection includes:

  1. Operating all dampers (with fusible links removed where applicable) to verify they fully close.
  2. Check latch, if provided, and lubricate moving parts as necessary.
  3. Verify that fire damper or smoke damper operation is not obstructed.
  4. Verify there is no interference due to rust, bent tracks, misalignment, damaged frames or blades, or defective hinges or parts.
  5. Replace any fusible link that’s damaged or painted, using a link of the same size, temperature and load rating.
  6. Provide documentation showing compliance with requirements: all fire damper and smoke damper inspection and testing, the location of the damper, date of inspection, name of inspector and deficiencies discovered and repaired.

Need an inspection?

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