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Fire & Smoke Penetration Sealing

When considering the design of your building, it is imperative that fire and smoke protection is included in the initial phases of the project. KM Services has extensive experience in fire and smoke penetration sealing.

The efficiency of firestopping depends largely on proper training and reliable installation methods that meet governing standards and requirements, and that also comply with local codes.

Why Is Firestop Needed?

During construction, or remodels, contractors will drill or make holes in fire resistant rated walls, ceilings, floors, and other various structural components. These throughways are required for cable, plumbing and other relevant services. KM Services primary goal is to restore the fire-resistant structures by filling the holes with fire resistant materials, bringing the project back up to code. This is required by law, and here in AZ, KM Services can ensure the integrity and safety of the building.

Safety of Products Used

While there are numerous products on the market designed for fire and smoke penetrating sealing, not all are safe for each project. Products that are utilized in a wrong manner may degrade the penetration seal, causing failure by not achieving the required protection necessary for the structure. Only a trained professional can guarantee that the penetration seal will hold with integrity against fire and smoke.

Ongoing Maintenance

Fire and smoke penetration sealing is an ongoing maintenance requirement needed for the life of the building. This is mainly because services change and inevitably new holes are created in fire rated structures, leaving previously sealed openings void of protection. If these new holes are left untreated, it compromises the integrity of the building and can cause serious issues.

Protect your property

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