AC HVAC Coil Cleaning

Commercial HVAC Coil Cleaning

Coil Cleaning is an important factor to enhance the life of your HVAC system’s reliability and extend the life of your unit. It can help prevent costly breakdowns and improve the quality of your indoor air. Perhaps the most noticeable benefit will be the savings you realize on your energy costs and maintenance.

  • Dirty coils can cause compressor failure
  • Dirty coils reduce cooling
  • Dirty coils decrease equipment life

Let KM Facility Services help you Stay Green, Save Energy and improve the efficiency of your A/C system with our coil cleaning services.  Coil cleaning is an important process that removes restrictions and allows for proper air flow. With proper air flow, your system benefits from better heat transfer, in turn allowing better cooling. KM Facility Services will pressure wash the coils with 1200 psi as well as using a wet-vac to remove debris, build-up and water from the pan.

Dirty Coils?

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We’ve Got You Covered

We are here to help with any type of HVAC repair or maintenance in Arizona. Our service technicians are skilled in HVAC maintenance and are equipped to work on all models of equipment. Contact KM Facility to schedule a Coil Cleaning today. (623) 930-5490